Ritter/Banner filesHere are files relating to Mt. Ritter. The complete topo quads are 37371900(MammothMountain).png and 37371907(MtRitter).png (or o37119f2(MtRitter).png), in the Maps folder.
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[DIR] Parent Directory - Folder [DIR] AlanRitterRoutePictures/ 23-Nov-2017 01:58 - Folder [DIR] AlanRitterRoute_files/ 23-Nov-2017 01:58 - [DIR] Pictures/ 23-Nov-2017 01:58 - Folder [DIR] grave/ 23-Nov-2017 01:58 - Folder [   ] RitterPointWeatherForecast NWS.URL 20-Aug-2006 22:28 207 Windows Internet Shortcut [   ] grave.htm 23-Aug-2006 22:03 418 Folder [   ] AgnewMeadowsTrailheads.html 16-Aug-2006 01:50 2.7K [TXT] notes.txt 21-Aug-2006 12:58 4.1K Waypoint+ routes or text files [   ] SierraNevadaShowersPrint.html 19-Aug-2006 20:33 6.2K [   ] Routes.tpo 14-Jul-2006 10:11 7.0K TOPO! Region (National Geographic TOPO data file) [   ] AlanRitterRoute.html 23-Aug-2006 21:51 9.7K [   ] RitterBannerTripReportsPrint.html 23-Aug-2006 22:03 37K Folder [IMG] AgnewMeadowsTrailheads.png 16-Aug-2006 01:44 40K Map or Picture (Portable Network Graphics file) [DOC] RoperVogeRitterBanner.doc 23-Aug-2006 21:51 45K MS Office Word document [IMG] Catherine3.jpg 17-Aug-2006 18:48 45K Picture in JPEG format [IMG] Catherine2.jpg 17-Aug-2006 18:48 63K Picture in JPEG format [IMG] Catherine1.jpg 17-Aug-2006 18:48 65K Picture in JPEG format [IMG] plaque2.jpg 17-Aug-2006 18:48 70K Picture in JPEG format [   ] RitterBannerTripReports.html 23-Aug-2006 21:51 91K Folder [IMG] LakeCatherine.jpg 21-Aug-2006 12:59 130K Picture in JPEG format [IMG] NearGrave57.jpg 21-Aug-2006 20:23 141K Picture in JPEG format [IMG] Grave59.jpg 21-Aug-2006 16:01 156K Picture in JPEG format [IMG] Grave61.jpg 21-Aug-2006 16:01 165K Picture in JPEG format [IMG] grave2.jpg 21-Aug-2006 16:02 229K Picture in JPEG format [IMG] 37371900MammothMountain_Cut.png 16-Aug-2006 00:57 398K Map or Picture (Portable Network Graphics file) [IMG] 37371907MtRitter_cut.png 16-Aug-2006 00:58 687K Map or Picture (Portable Network Graphics file) [IMG] Ritter_MammothMountainMap.png 21-Aug-2006 01:51 850K Map or Picture (Portable Network Graphics file) [IMG] NorthGlacierPass.jpg 21-Aug-2006 12:59 853K Picture in JPEG format [PDF] SecorRitterBannerDavisPrint.pdf 23-Aug-2006 22:11 888K Adobe Acrobat Portable Document [DOC] SecorRitterBannerDavisPrintCompressed2.doc 21-Aug-2006 14:37 3.7M MS Office Word document [IMG] TOPOmap.jpg 17-Aug-2006 18:51 4.5M Picture in JPEG format [DOC] SecorRitterBannerDavisPrint.doc 23-Aug-2006 21:55 64M MS Office Word document
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