Here are files for planning a trip to Mt Conness, in 2012, in Yosemite NP.
The relavent USGS topo quads are Tioga Pass and Falls Ridge, which are available in my Maps/USGS_GeoPDF/ folder.
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[DIR] Parent Directory - Folder [   ] Trailhead Info Yosemite.URL 05-Sep-2012 19:09 78 Windows Internet Shortcut [   ] Full Trailheads Report.URL 03-Jul-2012 02:07 145 Windows Internet Shortcut [TXT] trailheads.txt 03-Jul-2012 01:08 1.6K Waypoint+ routes or text files [   ] Waypoints.tpo 05-Sep-2012 18:45 4.8K TOPO! Region (National Geographic TOPO data file) [   ] Conness.tpo 05-Sep-2012 19:09 5.6K TOPO! Region (National Geographic TOPO data file) [XLS] FritzItinerary.xls 05-Sep-2012 18:59 19K MS Office Excel Spreadsheet [IMG] ConnessSummit.jpg 05-Sep-2012 18:59 256K Picture in JPEG format [IMG] f37119e1_YosemiteValley100K-LaborDay2012.png 13-Jul-2012 16:47 1.1M Map or Picture (Portable Network Graphics file) [PDF] YosemiteTrailheadMap.pdf 05-Sep-2012 19:09 1.3M Adobe Acrobat Portable Document [IMG] ConnessTOPOoverviewCropedAlittle.jpg 05-Sep-2012 18:35 3.0M Picture in JPEG format [IMG] KunaTopoMapDetail.jpg 05-Sep-2012 18:59 3.5M Picture in JPEG format [IMG] ConnessTOPOoverview.jpg 05-Sep-2012 18:45 5.4M Picture in JPEG format [IMG] KunaTopoMap.JPG 05-Sep-2012 18:58 6.6M Picture in JPEG format [IMG] CA_Tioga Pass_Conness.jpg 05-Sep-2012 18:58 34M Picture in JPEG format [IMG] CA_Koip PeakDetailWithScale.jpg 05-Sep-2012 18:48 40M Picture in JPEG format [IMG] CA_Koip PeakDetailWithScalePrint.jpg 05-Sep-2012 18:39 51M Picture in JPEG format [IMG] CA_Tioga Pass_ConnessWithScalePrint.jpg 05-Sep-2012 18:44 65M Picture in JPEG format
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