Here are files for planning a trip up George Creek to Mt. Barnard / Trojan Peak / Mt. Williamson in May 2008, based on a trip I made in May 2006, in the Sierras near Lone Pine.
For the USGS 7.5 minute Topo quads for Williamson (for Barnard and Trojan) and Manzanar (George Creek Trailhead) see the Maps directory, with o36118f3(MtWilliamson).png and o36118f2(Manzanar).png (huge files).

The weather forecast for camping near George creek at 12,000 ft. is here

An excellent description of the route up Williamson via George Creek is

See every last darn picture I took on the 2006 trip here. This includes very large panoramic photographs from the summits of Barnard and Trojan

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[DIR] Parent Directory - Folder [   ] WilliamsonViaGeorgeCreekRoute.URL 02-May-2008 10:43 85 Windows Internet Shortcut [TXT] WaypointsCSV.txt 12-Apr-2008 16:23 3.7K Waypoint+ routes or text files [   ] SnowCourse250BIGHORN_PLATEAU.URL 20-Apr-2008 22:24 77 Windows Internet Shortcut - Shows the snow depth 3.25 miles WSW from Mt. Barnard at 11350' [DIR] Pictures/ 23-Nov-2017 01:58 - Folder [TXT] MyTripReport2006.txt 12-Apr-2008 15:15 12K My 2006 Trip Report [   ] HikingWaypointsAndRoadRoute.gpx 13-Apr-2008 13:44 7.5K GPS eXchange format waypoints/routes [DOC] GeorgeCreekRoute-Camps-MtWiliamsonSummitRoute11x17.doc 07-May-2008 20:31 5.8M MS Office Word document [TXT] GeorgeCreekDrivingRoute.txt 13-Apr-2008 13:52 1.9K Waypoint+ routes or text files [IMG] GeorgeCreekDrivingRoute.png 10-May-2006 10:08 2.2M Map or Picture (Portable Network Graphics file) [IMG] GeorgeCreekCamps-MtWiliamsonSummitRoute.jpg 04-May-2008 23:39 1.4M Picture in JPEG format [   ] ForecastAt36.58N-118.25W-Elev.10266ft.URL 14-Apr-2008 16:38 176 Windows Internet Shortcut [DOC] Barnard_Trojan_Hike_Print.doc 30-Apr-2006 00:40 110K smaller collection of hiking route descriptions for Barnard / Williamson. [DOC] Barnard_Trojan.doc 30-Apr-2006 00:40 915K a collection of other people's trip reports and directions [IMG] BarnardTrojanGeorgeCreekWilliamson_11x17Map.png 01-May-2008 22:19 844K Map or Picture (Portable Network Graphics file) [IMG] BarnardTrojanGeorgeCreekRoute.png 14-May-2006 18:08 452K map of approximate hiking route and camp - 2006 trip [IMG] BarnardTrojanGeorgeCreekMap.png 29-Apr-2006 18:32 1.7M large printable TOPO map - Covering Russel to Williamson [   ] BarnardTrojan.tpo 12-Apr-2008 16:23 6.1K TOPO! Region (National Geographic TOPO data file) [   ] BarnardTrojan.gdb 12-Apr-2008 16:23 13K gdb - Garmin Database (MapSource) [XLS] BackpackList.xls 10-May-2006 09:18 864K MS Office Excel Spreadsheet [DOC] Aerial_Photos.doc 04-May-2006 19:13 7.0M Aerial Photos of George Creek, Barnard and Trojan [IMG] 5GeorgeCreekXingsMapAndWaypoints.png 21-May-2008 19:07 617K Waypoints for the 1st 5 stream crossings, May 2008
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