Here are files for planning a trip to Taboose Pass May 5 2007, in the Sierras.

See the National Weather Service's 7 Day Forecast for Taboose Pass here.

Cardinal Mountain, 4083 meters high, can be climbed via Taboose Pass, or directly up the east ridge from Red Lake Creek up a trail to Stecker Flat and up the east ridge. Should all be class 2, snow permitting. Striped Mountain (13,120'+) and Goodale Mountain (12,790') are also said to be class 2 from Taboose Pass.

The most relavent USGS topo quads are Mt Pinchot and Split Mountain , and secondarily Aberdeen.png and Fish Springs which are available in my Maps folder along with pieces of all 4 quads put together in TaboosePassMap.png

Here are some links showing how beautiful it would be. Description PanoramaBeautiful view from Cardinal in the Spring! Trip Reports Trip Reports Trip Reports picture and links for Cardinal Mountain Trip Report Trip Report Geology Geology of Cardinal Aerial pictures of Cardinal Cardinal Mountain web page brief info on Taboose pass and peaks nearby. Eric Lee's east ridge route up Cardinal Mountain in April. map - driving directions to Red Lake trailhead, for the trail to Stecker Flat

And here are some pictures pictures I took, some pictures Charles took , and some pictures pictures Steve took.

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