Here are files relating to Mt. Keith, and maybe Junction or Tyndall. I climbed Junction with a couple of guys who seemed more cautious than I, but the other 2 people were more daring. I was almost ready to turn back when I got to some class 4 stuff near the top, but they scouted around until they found a route that was safe enough for the rest of us. Coming back, we took a route that hardly seemed scary at all, but still class 3. My best advice would be to allow ample time to find your route, and don't hesitate to backtrack to find a better route, or to turn back if you can't find a comfortable route. We went up from camp at Shepherd Pass to Lake 3806m and up to what Secor calls the U-notch. Secor says to follow the ridge to the summit from here, but that didn't work for us. We followed the ridge just a little ways and probably waited too long before dropping down to work our way over to the chute separating the north and south summit. On the way back we dropped down a little further before heading a little ways south towards Diamond Mesa. This way we saw occasional ducks. As soon as we could see lake 3806m I headed for the sandy slope leading to the northwest edge of the lake and had an easy descent to the lake where I had to wait a long time for some of the others to take a more direct route down through boulders and talus. After Susan took a dip in the lake we proceeded directly to Mt. Tyndall. I climbed Mt. Keith a few weeks before Junction and Tyndall - it was easy in comparison to either of those 2, and I enjoyed it.