I got the official HPS list from the TOPO download site, but my version 4.0 of TOPO couldn't read the .tpg file, so I converted it into many formats, and even made corrections in the .tpo file here. Most conversions were made at http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/gpsbabel/ and http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/convert
      Name                              Last modified      Size  Description
[DIR] Parent Directory - Folder [   ] allpeaksEasyGPS.loc 21-Jun-2006 00:53 11K TopoGrafix Data File (EasyGPS) [   ] allpeaks.csv 21-Jun-2006 00:53 12K Comma Separated Values (Excel, etc.) [   ] allpeaksTOPobsoleteFormat.tpg 21-Jun-2006 00:53 12K TOPO! Waypoints file that my TOPO! 4.0 program won't read [   ] allpeaksGPSvisualizer.csv 21-Jun-2006 01:01 13K Comma Separated Values (Excel, etc.) [   ] allpeaks.tpo 21-Jun-2006 01:41 15K TOPO! Region (National Geographic TOPO data file) [   ] allpeaksMapTechExchangeFormat.mxf 21-Jun-2006 00:53 20K MapTech Exchange Format [   ] allpeaksGarminDataBase.gdb 21-Jun-2006 00:53 27K gdb - Garmin Database (MapSource) [   ] allpeaks.gpx 21-Jun-2006 01:17 34K GPS eXchange format waypoints/routes
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