Here are pictures from a trip to Mt Goddard, July 28-30, 2006, in the Sierras near Bishop, CA.

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The pictures are not well organized here - see my Goddard/Lamarck Col album on Webshots at or for a less complete, but more nicely presented collection of these pictures
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[DIR] Parent Directory - Folder [IMG] PICT0001.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:17 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0002.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:17 1.5M Picture [IMG] PICT0003.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:18 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0004-TH_Parking.jpg 02-Aug-2006 17:18 443K Picture [IMG] PICT0005-TH_NoParking.jpg 02-Aug-2006 17:18 512K Picture [IMG] PICT0006.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:19 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0007Fritz2Pack.jpg 04-Aug-2006 18:41 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0008.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:19 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0009.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:20 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0010.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:20 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0011.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:21 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0012.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:21 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0013.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:21 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0014.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:22 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0015.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:22 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0016.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:22 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0017.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:23 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0018.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:23 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0019.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:23 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0020.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:24 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0021.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:24 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0022.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:24 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0023.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:25 1.1M Picture [IMG] PICT0024.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:25 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0025.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:25 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0026-28LamarckColPano.jpg 02-Aug-2006 22:00 5.0M Picture [IMG] PICT0029LamarckColDarwinMendel.jpg 02-Aug-2006 10:44 2.0M Picture [IMG] PICT0030-33DarwinMendelFromLamarckColPano.jpg 03-Aug-2006 19:07 8.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0034.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:29 1.1M Picture [IMG] PICT0035.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:29 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0036.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:29 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0037.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:29 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0038.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:30 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0039.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:30 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0040.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:30 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0054.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:31 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0055.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:31 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0056.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:32 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0057.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:32 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0058.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:33 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0059.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:33 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0060.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:33 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0061.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:34 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0062.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:34 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0063.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:34 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0064.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:35 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0066.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:35 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0067.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:36 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0068.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:36 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0068Marmot800.jpg 03-Aug-2006 15:05 485K Picture [IMG] PICT0069.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:36 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0070.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:37 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0071.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:37 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0072.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:37 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0073.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:38 1.1M Picture [IMG] PICT0074.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:38 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0075.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:38 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0076.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:39 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0077.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:39 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0078.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:39 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0079.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:40 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0080.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:40 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0081.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:40 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0082.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:41 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0083.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:41 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0084.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:42 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0085.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:42 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0086.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:42 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0087.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:43 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0088.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:43 1.1M Picture [IMG] PICT0089.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:43 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0090.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:44 1.5M Picture [IMG] PICT0091_93RainbowPano.jpg 03-Aug-2006 18:53 1.5M Picture [IMG] PICT0092.JPG 07-Aug-2006 02:29 3.1M Picture [IMG] PICT0094.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:45 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0095.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:45 1.1M Picture [IMG] PICT0096.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:46 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0097.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:46 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0098.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:46 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0099.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:47 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0100.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:47 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0101.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:48 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0102.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:48 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0103.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:48 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0104.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:49 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0105.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:49 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0106.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:49 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0107.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:49 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0108.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:50 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0109.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:50 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0110.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:51 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0111-114WandaLakePano.jpg 07-Aug-2006 00:20 8.1M Picture [IMG] PICT0115.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:52 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0116.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:52 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0117.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:53 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0118.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:53 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0119.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:53 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0120.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:54 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0121.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:54 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0122.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:54 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0123.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:55 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0124.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:55 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0125.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:55 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0126.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:55 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0127-131EnchantedIonian.jpg 07-Aug-2006 02:20 9.6M Picture [IMG] PICT0132.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:57 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0133.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:58 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0134.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:58 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0134finalApproach.JPG 06-Aug-2006 17:43 660K Picture [IMG] PICT0135.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:58 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0136.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:59 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0137BenchMark+Container.JPG 06-Aug-2006 17:42 2.5M Picture [IMG] PICT0138.JPG 31-Jul-2006 21:59 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0139.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:00 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0140.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:00 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0141-145SummitPanoWestHalf.jpg 04-Aug-2006 23:09 11M Picture [IMG] PICT0141-152GoddardSummitPano.jpg 01-Aug-2006 01:04 16M 360 degree panorama, summit of Mt. Goddard, July 29, 213pm [IMG] PICT0146-152SummitPanoEastHalf.jpg 05-Aug-2006 14:01 11M Picture [IMG] PICT0153.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:06 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0154IceField.JPG 06-Aug-2006 17:41 2.5M Picture [IMG] PICT0155SkyPilot.JPG 06-Aug-2006 17:40 3.0M Picture [IMG] PICT0156.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:08 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0157.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:08 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0158.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:08 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0159.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:08 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0160.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:09 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0160nearSummitRoute.JPG 06-Aug-2006 17:47 2.0M Picture [IMG] PICT0161.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:09 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0162.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:09 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0163.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:10 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0164.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:10 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0165.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:10 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0166.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:11 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0167.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:11 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0168.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:11 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0169.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:12 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0170.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:12 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0171.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:12 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0172.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:13 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0174.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:13 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0175-178_FrozenLake.jpg 07-Aug-2006 01:12 7.5M Picture [IMG] PICT0179.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:15 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0180.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:15 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0181.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:16 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0182.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:16 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0183.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:16 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0184.JPG 31-Jul-2006 22:17 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0185EvolutionOutlet.JPG 06-Aug-2006 17:44 2.5M Picture [IMG] PICT0186.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:06 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0187.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:06 1.1M Picture [IMG] PICT0188EvolutionValley.JPG 06-Aug-2006 17:45 2.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0189.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:08 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0190.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:08 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0191.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:09 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0192.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:09 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0193.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:10 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0194.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:10 1.1M Picture [IMG] PICT0195.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:11 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0196.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:11 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0197.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:12 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0198.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:13 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0199.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:13 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0200DarwinBench.JPG 06-Aug-2006 17:46 2.5M Picture [IMG] PICT0201DarwinBenchFlowers.jpg 02-Aug-2006 10:33 1.5M Picture [IMG] PICT0202.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:15 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0203.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:16 1.1M Picture [IMG] PICT0204.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:16 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0205.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:17 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0206.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:17 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0207.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:18 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0208.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:18 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0209.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:19 1.1M Picture [IMG] PICT0210-219DarwinCnynPano.jpg 16-Jun-2007 15:38 5.8M Picture [IMG] PICT0210-219DarwinCnynPano1.jpg 31-Jul-2006 21:18 13M Lake 11,592', Darwin Canyon [IMG] PICT0220.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:25 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0221.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:26 1.1M Picture [IMG] PICT0222.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:26 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0223.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:27 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0224.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:27 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0225-228DarwinCnynPano.jpg 04-Aug-2006 19:39 5.6M Picture [IMG] PICT0229-241DarwinPano.jpg 01-Aug-2006 21:19 11M Picture [IMG] PICT0242.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:38 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0243.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:38 1.1M Picture [IMG] PICT0244.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:39 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0245.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:39 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0246.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:40 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0248.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:41 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0249.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:42 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0250.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:42 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0251.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:43 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0252.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:44 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0253.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:44 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0254.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:45 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0255.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:46 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0256.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:46 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0257.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:47 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0258.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:47 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0259.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:48 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0260.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:48 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0261.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:49 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0262.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:50 1.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0263.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:50 1.2M Picture [IMG] PICT0264.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:51 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0265-269LeavingLamarckColPano.jpg 04-Aug-2006 20:19 8.4M Picture [IMG] PICT0270.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:54 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0271-272LowerLamarckLake.jpg 02-Aug-2006 10:34 1.8M Picture [IMG] PICT0273.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:56 1.3M Picture [IMG] PICT0274.JPG 01-Aug-2006 01:57 1.4M Picture [   ] Thumbnails.html 04-Jul-2007 14:36 47K Thumbs/ 16-Jun-2007 15:53 -
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